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Moving to a digital documentation setup for your company can provide a lot of benefits, including reduced resource costs and efficient information sharing. However, printed documents can still be useful in many situations. Here are some of the situations where your company should consider providing printed documents. 

Marketing Materials

Digital marketing can reach a wider audience, but print advertising creates an engaging experience every time. Having printed marketing materials, such as brochures, gives potential customers an interactive representation of the company to work. This can be better for customers since they are more engaged in understanding the company and its offerings. Marketing materials are easy to design and print as well, especially with brochure printing services, business card printing services, and advertisement printing services that are available online. 

Catalogs and Archives

Companies with a lot of products can benefit from having a catalog. Online catalogs can be useful, but customers may prefer having a printed catalog. Having a catalog that they can put their hands on makes it easier to explore the company’s products within the space that they will be used. 

For example, a restaurant that is trying to design its dining space will need a long list of products. The business owner can sit in the dining room and pull together elements of the design from the catalog to have a better idea of what customers will experience. Printing catalogs on office printers is a nightmare, but there are catalog printing services that can do it faster, with higher quality, and at better prices per catalog.

Regulatory Reports

Most regulatory bodies moved to digital reporting, but having printed reports is a good backup plan for companies. Online reporting tools are not always reliable, and it is easier to review reports before submission if they are printed. Many companies keep printed copies of their reports for a specific amount of time as a backup. If anything happens to the digital copy, your company won’t be left in a bad position with regulators since there is a backup copy that you can use. 

Special Documents

Every business has special documents that are issued by the government or are critical to the business. Documents like business licenses, emergency plans, and permits are required for every business. Plus, many of the documents issued by the government are printed with raised seals or other modifications to make the unique and difficult to replicate. 

Companies should have at least one copy of the business’s special documents printed and kept in a safe place to ensure that there is always a copy available if needed. Restaurants and similar businesses are required to have these documents posted in a place that is easy to see, so having two copies available with one in a safe is an easy way to ensure that you are never caught without the right documentation. 


Any business that uses contracts should always have a printed copy or use printed copies when having them signed. A printed contract is much harder to change than a digital one. Plus, every party involved can have a copy without relying on everyone’s personal digital technology. Printed copies of contracts can also be used in legal cases if anything goes wrong. 

Printed documents are still important in business for a variety of reasons. If your company needs brochure or catalog printing services, contact npn360 today.