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There’s a lot more than meets the eye with cute, custom printed shopping bags. They aren’t just cute little gimmicks that you give away. They can actually help increase your business. Like other custom printed products, custom printed shopping bags have real, proven benefits to help your brand. Here are six proven reasons you need custom printed shopping bags.

Custom printed shopping bags are cost effective.

When you order your custom printed products in bulk, the more you order, the more you decrease your costs.

You can order custom shopping bags in different sizes.

When it comes to retail packaging, size really does matter. You wouldn’t try to squeeze a 7-inch spatula into a four-inch box, would you? It’s the same for custom printed shopping bags. You want to make sure you have the right fit for each of your products. If you sell an assortment of different sized products, order your shopping bags in sizes that will comfortably fit your products.

Custom shopping bags help increase brand visibility.

Did you know that, regardless of the product being sold, customers associate custom printed shopping bags with high-end boutiques? It’s true! Customized shopping bags not only give your brand an image boost, but it increases your brand’s visibility altogether. If you’re looking to take your retail business to the next level, looking to revamp your image, or have new products available, make sure you adjust your packaging to reflect that. Your custom printed shopping bags should be designed for the shoppers you want to attract.

Maintain customer recall with custom printed shopping bags.

Do you have a refrigerator with magnates of various brands you’ve encountered, for instance, one with a calendar on it? You pass by that calendar every day, you look at it every day, read it as you’re standing at your fridge. You’ve probably memorized their logo and phone number. Your packaging can be just as effective with custom printed shopping bags. People tend to reuse their quality, customized bags for various things including last minute gift wrapping, taking lunch on the go, or running a few errands where you need to carry and drop off a few items. When customers reuse your branded bags, they are extending your marketing strategy.

Stay ahead of your competition with branded shopping bags.

Competing with online stores is a bit tough, but definitely doable. When people search online, they usually search for the nearest retailer who has the product they want. Why? Because, even though it’s convenient to have things delivered to your front door, no one really wants to wait 3-5 business days to get what they want or need. Here is where brick and mortar retailers have the advantage. Capitalize on it with upscale, customized shopping bags. Give them a branded experience in your store with an elegant bag, tissue paper, the item they came to your physical store to fulfill instant gratification, and a smile.

You can control your impact on the environment.

If your brand is environmentally conscious, using custom printed shopping bags made from recyclable materials and environmentally friendly materials can also help enhance your brand. It allows you to take control over your environmental footprint by doing your part to protect the planet. And your environmentally conscious customers will thank you for it.