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It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of designing your own business card. After all, business cards offer a quick first impression of you and your business or brand. Unfortunately, when designing business cards for the first time, people overlook a lot of important details that could potentially set them apart from their competition.

Here are 7 mistakes you should avoid when making business cards.

Everyone makes mistakes when designing their first business card. It happens. Before you send your design off to a commercial printing service, let’s go over a few things that can help you avoid them.

Forgetting to Consider the Size of Your Business or Organization
Size matters when it comes to preparing business cards for your organization. Someone who works for a big company will have different needs than an entrepreneur or freelancer. Someone working for a big company will need to make sure their card aligns with the company’s brand, theme, and values. An Entrepreneur or freelancer will have a bit more freedom with selecting colors, a theme, and a logo to represent who they are.

Using Cheap or Low-Quality Paper Stock
Using cheap stock can impress negatively on the people you give your business card to. We get it; sometimes you are working with a small budget. But one thing you should never skimp on is business cards. All business card printing services will tell you that thicker stock is better.

Not Taking Advantage of Die-Cut Shapes
Business cards offer so many options now. From rounded corners, circle, half-circle, oval, leave—there are so many shapes to choose from to help you and your brand stand out.

Overloading Your Card with Information
Business cards are way of enhancing your introduction of your brand and yourself on an individual level. Don’t add too much information on your card. Reserve selling products and services for marketing tools like flyers and brochures.

Using Too Many Colors
The best way to select colors for your business card is to go with a theme. Unless your theme is rainbow, you don’t want to use more than 3 different colors at a time. Make sure you choose colors that work well together, too. Also, make sure you choose colors that allow the recipient to read the information that you’ve provided.

Forgetting to Add Social Media Details
Everything happens on social media. It would be a massive mistake to not include your social media information on your business cards. Customers and new acquaintances will be able to easily check you out by visiting your social media pages.

Not Including a Call to Action
When you give someone your business card, what do you want them to do with the information they are receiving? A simple call to action is a great way to guide recipients of your card where to go. Subtly telling people to “Visit our website at…” will direct the recipient of your business card to the information they need about your business.

Having a great looking business card can do wonders for your organization’s brand, but not without the right information. There are a lot of business card printing services that can help you create a beautiful business card with all the pertinent information needed.