NPN 360

Case Study



Based in Chicagoland Area

Based in Chicagoland Area

Large network of healthcare facilities

Large network of healthcare facilities

  • Challenge

    To develop a line of unique and high quality branded merchandise for conferences, community affairs, and top-notch recruiting efforts.

  • Solution

    npn360 called on our global resources to find unique, high quality items that would best reflect and represent the NorthShore brand, while leveraging our buying power for the best prices.

Package Included

  • A full catalog of branded gear and merchadise
  • On trend, wearable apparel and gear


  • Specific, health care related promo items and wellness event-focused packaging

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npn360 helps bring your brand to life – they take the esoteric brand ideas that we have and how we want them presented to the market and make it concrete. They find the right assets, the best quality and ensure our brand visual appearance is consistent.”

Toni Midderhoff Miller, Director of Brand Marketing