NPN 360

In our past blogs, we’ve often mentioned npn360’s specialized online portals and their myriad capabilities. But what, exactly, are these portals? The truth is that their applications are quite varied, and they have become integrated into many aspects of our work. Portals can accomplish everything from account and file management, to the ordering of branded materials, to cataloguing and selling those materials to the public. Below, we’ve explained some of the most common ways in which these portals are utilized, and how they help streamline the marketing and printing processes for everyone involved.


Customer Success Management Made Easy

When it comes to customer success management at npn360, these portals are a great asset. Because they are integrated into our order management system, many print orders can be automated from the client to production, streamlining the process and allowing orders to get to press faster.

For example, a client looking to order business cards is now able to do so straight from their company’s custom online portal. This lowers overhead costs on order processing and typesetting, since without a portal, the customer success manager would have to manually handle several tasks that portals can now automate. This benefits the client as well, as it means that the cost to produce is lower when placed through the automated portal system. The client can then use the portal’s typesetting capabilities to create a business card to their liking. Rather than emailing the information and waiting for a manual proof, information is entered into a simple web form and proofs can be previewed directly on-screen or downloaded as a PDF. Once the proof is approved and the order is placed, the print-ready file and order details are sent directly to the plant for production, speeding up the entire printing process and, once again, eliminating overhead costs. 


Simplifying Brand Management & Merchandise

These portals are also commonly implemented as merchandise shops and digital asset management tools. These online catalogues can be made available to both the client’s employees and customers (with restricted access settings when necessary). We utilize our supply chain to assemble a variety of quality-tested, pre-approved branded products, which can then be ordered through the portal and produced as needed, or inventoried for release on demand. The digital asset manager can be utilized to organize digital brand assets, as well as sales and marketing files. Portals provide one singular site for all of a company’s reps to access branded merchandise and materials, which can even act as a retail storefront for revenue generation. This standardization of branded items gives our clients a controlled and cost-efficient way to ensure that their brand is always represented in the best light. Their specialized portals can be shared within or outside of their company whenever branded items are needed. 

This is only a sampling of the many uses of these online portals. These portals introduce an unprecedented level of ease in printing, marketing, and brand management. Whether a company is looking to order business cards, curate a catalogue of branded products, or anything in between, we have the solution to set them on the right path.