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ASI's Counselor Magazine Names NPN360
One of the Best Places to Work in Promo Products Industry

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Jeff Greenbury Featured in Print and Promo’s Executive Spotlight

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NPN360 Featured in The Rebranding Issue of Print Solutions Magazine

March 2015

Northern Print Network is now NPN360

Big Lesson: Rebranding can revitalize your culture and attract new talent
Northern Printing Network was founded nearly 30 years ago on a simple premise: By coupling innovative technology with experienced professionals, the company could provide powerful, cost-effective marketing solutions for its clients.

Two years ago, that premise hadn’t changed. But the Wheeling, Illinois Company’s leaders were taking a full-circle look at the way their firm was positioned.

“We began talking to marketing teams instead of just procurement professionals, “Jeff Greenbury says. “The typical bid-quote-hope scenario was moving into something much more exciting. Brand management and risk mitigation became leading conversation topics with customers, not price. Those discussions were much bigger and much more exciting.”

“More than anything,” says Artie Collins, “we wanted to be known as an all-encompassing marketing supply chain solutions provider.”

Perhaps the company’s most significant offering is brand management through the creation of customized marketing portals. NPN360’s NCompass system gives clients a centralized home for inventoried, customizable and on-demand materials. Features include 24/7 online ordering, digital asset management, collaborative proofing and even automated direct mail- directly in the tool, users can import targeted mailing lists in minutes and then customize pieces for those recipients.

“I believe we have a competitive advantage because we’re already experts in what’s probably the toughest piece of the whole puzzle, which is print,” Greenbury says.” A lot of technology companies think they can create a better mousetrap, and there are some cool ones out there, but ironically, they’re trying to also be known as print management or brand management firms. Many of them resort to selling technology to distributors or working with us. It’s hard to teach and train someone in print.”

But it is even harder, Greenbury and Collins say, to impress IT professionals and other potential new hires to a company that is viewed as print-centric. “The biggest change since our rebranding might be the ability to attract young energy.“ Collins says. “We’re hiring people who embrace technology and can offer it to our client base. Our rebranding has led to a cultural shift that has helped to validate the decision. There is a great vibe around here.”

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