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ASI's Counselor Magazine Names NPN360
One of the Best Places to Work in Promo Products Industry

“In short, a company that is a best place to work makes a deeper connection to its employees than can normally be found at companies today and goes out of its way to ensure the pure happiness and satisfaction of its employees,” MORE

NPN360 Featured in the Rebranding
Issue of PS Magazine

Among 4 Companies featured, NPN360 feels rebranding can revitalize your culture and attract new talent MORE

NPN360’s Jeff Greenbury featured in Print and Promo’s Executive Spotlight

Executive Perspectives : The Perfect Fit – April 2015

A fresh batch of college graduates will soon go their separate ways in pursuit of new opportunities—the perfect job, a nice ride, food that isn’t ramen. But bills don’t care about dreams, as Jeff Greenbury can attest. Shortly after completing his Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and decision sciences at Miami of Ohio University, Greenbury took a sales position with Standard Register to get his landlord off his back. That decision paid off.
“What was meant to be my first job, so I could make my rent payment, turned into a very fulfilling 22-year career at Standard,” he recalled.
Greenbury held various sales management and executive titles during his tenure with Standard Register, but he eventually stood again at a crossroads: Should he give up something familiar in exchange for a model that better aligned with his business goals? “I left Standard because I felt that the asset-light modelof a BPO organization allowed me to be an advocate for my clients in ways that working for a manufacturer would never allow me,” Greenbury said. “No more fitting a square peg in a round hole.”The fit still wasn’t quite right. That all changed when NPN360° , a marketing services and brand supply chain management provider based in Wheeling, Ill., recruited Greenbury. Drawn to the company’s culture and strong foundation, Greenbury signed on as co-owner alongside Artie Collins—and the rest is history.

Read on as Greenbury talks business.
Print+Promo (P+P): How do you set goals for yourself? For your business?
Jeff Greenbury (JG): I’ve always been a goal- and results-driven person. It’s in my DNA. In every organization I’ve worked, setting and achieving objectives as a part of the fabric of the organization. At NPN360° we continue that tradition. As president of NPN360°, I spend a lot of time with our team white-boarding processes and identifying gaps and opportunities to add value in our business. Our findings and improvement initiatives drive the goals we set for the company. Our goals are always related to optimizingthe systems that support our business and our clients. We believe that “service is the new sales” and if we set goals that support that focus, we will continue to grow in the marketplace. Our goals, although achievable, definitely take us out of our industry’s traditional comfort zone, as we are constantly looking atnew solutions and technologies to add value.

P+P: How does the economy continue to affect the industry?
JG: We believe overcapacity and mergers and acquisitions will continue to affect our industry in the short-term, suppressing prices as the end product output changes and becomes more commoditized. The speed of change will continue to impact the industry and those companies that are financially strong with foresight, vision and the ability to flex to the needs of the market will prosper and grow. That is why we’ve built NPN360° around the concepts of asset-light, fast and flexible execution delivered by experienced customer-facing associates. While the economy will have ups and downs in the future, we are trying to continuously deliver customer-appreciated solutions regardless of the economic environment.

P+P: What do you expect to be some of the biggest challenges the industry will face?

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