Online Ordering

NCompass allows you to create customized online catalogs that provide 24/7 access to all of your branded collateral and promotional material. Each online portal is customized to meet your organization's unique requirements while optimizing operation efficiencies, increasing productivity, and reducing cost.

Our system is designed to make the procurement process as efficient and as easy as possible.

NCompass allows you to organize items into favorites for quick access to the items your salespeople, branches, or distributors need most frequently. NCompass automatically tracks the most popular and most recent items to help users find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Our industry-leading system goes even farther by making it possible to link related products online. When an order is placed for one product, NCompass can suggest complementary products so your people order everything they need the first time.


  • Item Detail: including product image and detail
  • Order Status with Detail: order history, including online tracking
  • Desktop Printing: for low usage items
  • Customizable Print: maintain control of your corporate standards utilizing templates
  • Real Time Reporting: warehouse releases, inventory valuation, and detailed usage