Digital Asset Management

NCompass Digital Asset Management delivers unsurpassed control over your company's critical digital assets. No more wasted time spent looking for that file on multiple computers or piles of CDs. With NCompass, all of your digital files are stored in a single location. Simply sign on to the system and all of your digital assets — including logos, presentations, proposals, client testimonials, even photographs — are easily accessible.

In addition to storing your assets, NCompass provides you with a best-in-class organizational system and search engine. Digital files can be categorized and assigned to their own customized asset class with unique metadata attributes. On-the-fly keyword additions allow the asset search to become more intelligent with every use.

By making your digital assets highly visible and available to the people who need them, precisely when they need them, you assure that your brand will not be compromised and that your marketing message will be delivered in compliance with your branding standards reaching your audience as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


  • Unlimited Storage: All your digital files stored in a single location — online.
  • Powerful Search Capability: Categorize your files anyway you want with a powerful search engine to locate what you need however it is organized.
  • Better Brand Compliance: Make your logos, images, and approved collaterals easy to find and use across your organization.