Comprehensive Reporting

NCompass provides your marketing data, cost and usage right at your fingertips. We offer an array of self-service, on-demand reports with the most flexibility of any online reporting system.

Our reports allow a user to enter specific search criteria to filter data to be included in the output, determine the sort order, select a date range, etc. Users may review the data online, download as a PDF, export to Excel and more. In addition, you can easily produce dynamic graphs to help visualize the data. All of this and more is possible with NCompass's powerful reporting tools.

Our library of available reports is always growing, but if our existing repository does not include a report to meet your needs, we will create one customized for you. The system contains information about orders placed, users and their assignments, item inventory levels, pricing and much more.

You control which users have access to what report, ensuring sensitive information is only available to the appropriate individuals.


  • Empower Users: Grant your users access to execute reports online whenever they need the most current information.
  • Real Time all the Time: Since all your transactions are organized by a single comprehensive system, your users have access to real-time data wherever and whenever they need it.
  • Make Custom Reports Standard: Our reporting engine allows you to create custom reports for your organization that can be automated and distributed automatically.