Automated Direct Mail

NCompass provides real solutions to leverage and manage the collective marketing voice of your branches, divisions, agents and other affiliates. Our online tools allow you to create customized marketing materials and highly targeted mailing lists in a matter of minutes.

Our system offers the best of both worlds — you maintain your brand integrity while empowering your marketing staff to create their own direct mail with a unique message and offer based upon their local market, the specific season or current events. Need help with the creative end of your marketing piece? NPN360 has you covered with our creative services professionals team who can help you create the direct marketing piece of your dreams.

Creating the direct mail piece is only part of the equation. To be successful, you have to deliver the message to the right people. NCompass provides you with real-time, online access to the USDATA database. Customized demographic criteria are tailored to your needs. NCompass can also house and maintain your own highly specialized lists and provide purpose-based variable search criteria.


  • Choose from customized catalogs of your branded marketing materials
  • Personalize with your own contact information, messaging and offer
  • Proof and approve
  • Choose your audience by creating your own custom list based upon appropriate demographics.