Procurement & Sourcing

A study by the Marketing Supply Chain Institute reveals that over 46 percent of marketers are managing more than 500 marketing SKUs with 14.2 percent juggling the production, storage, fulfillment, shipping, and obsolescence of more than 1,000 SKUs. That requires significant oversight and presents substantial opportunities for error and excess cost.

Within your organization, the responsibility for sourcing and procuring these items may be distributed among purchasing, manufacturing, and marketing itself. This wide range of types of material, combined with the complexity of their production and a diverse vendor pool leads to multiple inefficiencies that cost organizations millions of dollars each year.

NPN360 provides the sourcing expertise and the sophisticated systems necessary to support marketing in its efforts to reduce costs and improve the procurement process.

NPN360 purchases millions of dollars of printing, promotional items and other materials for our clients every year. We are sourcing experts and work with vendors across a wide spectrum of production capabilities to identify the right vendor on an order-by-order basis.

Our procurement systems track purchases for our clients and have formal performance measurements in place to ensure that our vendors are always performing at the highest possible levels. When NPN360 manages the sourcing process, the results are lower costs and improved efficiencies.