How do I get a Marketing Supply Chain Assessment

NPN360's experience has shown and numerous studies have confirmed that operational costs can be reduced substantially by streamlining existing processes in the marketing supply chain.

NPN360 provides a risk-free assessment of your marketing supply chain, with three goals:

  • Understand and map the current marketing supply chain
  • Identify inefficiencies and opportunities for operational cost savings
  • Develop a roadmap for achieving these cost savings through a streamlined, technology-enhanced marketing supply chain

During the assessment, we gather critical data from key stakeholders to develop a comprehensive map of your current supply chain. This map includes creative, sourcing, print/copy shop, warehousing and fulfillment, and ordering, logistics, and freight.

Once we have developed a detailed map of the current supply chain process, we can begin to dissect the costs.

Our final assessment report includes the current costs of the supply chain broken down into its components and our recommendations for streamlining the current processes and the associated operation cost reductions. We include a leading practices checklist that compares your current practices to best practices in the industry. Finally, our assessment includes a detailed roadmap of how your organization can partner with NPN360 to make these savings and operational efficiencies a reality.

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Contact us now to get started with your FREE assessment.