The Challenge

St. Vincent Health is one of the largest and most comprehensive Health Care systems in Indiana. Based in Indianapolis, St. Vincent Health is comprised of 20 hospital facilities directly serving patients in 47 counties throughout Central Indiana.

In the fall of 1999, NPN360 was approached by the Materials Management team at St. Vincent Hospital to perform a comprehensive analysis of their existing document management program. St. Vincent had been disappointed with their current vendor's quality of customer service, inconsistent pricing, and their inability to deliver savings that had been promised.

The Solution

NPN360 undertook a complete review of St. Vincent's 1.3 million document management program. Our analysis uncovered several opportunities for significant cost savings.

NPN360 implemented a web-based printed products library and ordering system throughout the entire St. Vincent Health System. The NPN360 database provides a single online source for every printed item available throughout the system. The database provides brand consistency and promotes ongoing consolidation of items. The system integrates seamlessly with the existing print shop, where over 65% of the orders are processed, eliminating shipping costs and significantly improving delivery times.

St. Vincent Health associates appreciate the ability to find all the printed items they use in a single system regardless of whether that item is stored in a warehouse, printed in the print shop, or printed at their desktop.

The Results

"We knew that there would be savings in the first year of the program. We were very pleasantly surprised when the numbers exceeded our expectations. NPN360 delivered the promised savings and then some."

Steve Littrell, Materials Management Director, St. Vincent Indianapolis

NPN360 began our Print Management Program in the fall of 2001. The previous vendor's system was disconnected on a Friday and the NPN360 system was implemented on Monday without interruption.

NPN360 provided a guaranteed savings of 15% in the first year of the program. Actual first year savings exceeded 19% and $200,000. The savings have continued and now the ongoing expense is less than half of the original 1.3 million spend.

After 10 years, the partnership between NPN360 and St. Vincent Health continues today. As St. Vincent Health grows, NPN360 will continue to be instrumental in driving print-related cost reductions and efficiencies every step of the way.

St. Vincent Medical Group
Indianapolis, Indiana
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