The Challenge

To provide complete end-to-end marketing solutions for one of the world's largest diversified materials companies. Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has earned an international reputation as a first-class manufacturer of high quality turning, milling, and drilling products. With manufacturing locations in Japan and other parts of the world, Mitsubishi needed a partner armed with a complete marketing supply chain solution to assist with all aspects of their global program. With distributors all over the world selling Mitsubishi Carbide materials, MMC wanted to establish a single place for their distributors to go for marketing materials while ensuring excellent quality as well as system wide compliance with their identity standards.

The Solution

NPN360 set out to sort through and update Mitsubishi's vast library of digital assets, ensuring all technical information and specs were correct. These were organized into a single digital asset library with robust categorization and search features that allowed all these diverse types of files to exist in one location. NPN360 also implemented a marketing material ordering and fulfillment website for both Mitsubishi personnel and distributor clients customized to their unique needs. Customers now could easily order existing marketing materials or, utilizing the digital assets and templates in this new single library, create their own. NPN360 was there to provide sourcing expertise, utilizing our expertise in production to ensure the highest quality and lowest costs.

The Results

Mitsubishi realized cost savings immediately after this program's implementation. Real costs were reduced through the elimination of time-consuming searches as well as redundant asset creation. The asset library coupled with the marketing templates allowed MMC personnel and distributors to create their own marketing materials. This reduced the workload for the marketing department, eliminating the need to develop multiple designs of static materials while allowing the people closest to the customers to create effective, targeted pieces. This streamlined workflow allowed the marketing department to focus on their expertise and develop new campaigns. Mitsubishi also saved over 20% in the first year on production, warehousing and distribution. The new procurement system looks at each job, factoring in its unique production specifications and ensuring the job is produced with the vendor best suited for the work. The system also provides a variety of reporting offerings allowing Mitsubishi to analyze usage and effectiveness. Mitsubishi's new powerful online solution combines decentralized ordering ability combined with centralized purchasing controls. Through its partnership with NPN360, Mitsubishi made themselves easier to do business with while elevating the profile and integrity of their brand. MMC's choice of NPN360 to manage its marketing supply chain saved both hard production dollars and the time and energy of the marketing department and distributors. NPN360 continues to drive MMC's costs down while driving inefficiencies out of the supply chain to this day.

"NPN360's expertise in all areas of our marketing effort makes them one of our most valuable partner vendors. Their creative approach to production, warehousing and distribution, allows us to focus on growing our business. Whether it is a product brochure, a PURL campaign, QR code integration, or even our full line catalog, NPN360 helps us market our products better and more cost effectively."

Ron Lawson, Manager of Marketing Services, Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A.

Mitsubishi Materials
Chicago, Illinois
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