Collaborative Proofing

Creating marketing materials usually involves several stakeholders who may not always work in the same office, state, or even country. With NCompass Collaborative Proofing, multiple users work together online to mark up a document for additions, revisions and more. Users see these annotations in real time and can respond immediately. Save money by proofing jobs online rather than printing out at each stage of the design. Streamline your process with easy-to-read comments on the actual digital proof. No more fuzzy comments on faxes or illegible handwriting on printouts. With NCompass, everything is digital.

Our easy-to-use review process has several unique features that prevent user error and allow you to securely manage access to files. You can email reviewers when updated files are ready for review. You can also compare versions side by side to see where changes have been made. With the online approval process, you will have everyone's approval on the project digitally.

Once you've finalized your file, you can easily move it to your NCompass asset library for permanent archival, search and download capabilities.


  • Save Time: Revisions and changes can be reviewed by multiple users at the same time avoiding the delay of email.
  • Increase Accuracy: Users can view and markup the actual file that will be printed and the approval feature ensures that the final version reflects the input of all the stakeholders.
  • Reduce Costs: Avoid all the time and handling costs associated with transporting hard copy proofs. Prevent expensive reprints by making sure everything is correct the first time.