NPN 360

If you are a business owner, you should care about the impact custom packaging services can have on your bottom line. Think about major brands and how their packaging stands out. What is it that makes them unique?

Here are 5 things your product packaging needs to do.

Elicit an emotional reaction.

An eye-catching design should allow the consumer to make a psychological connection. You want customers to feel something. Whether it’s nostalgia, or excitement—you want them to associate a positive feeling with your brand.

Be iconic.

Typography is very important in brand recognition. Think about brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Barbie, Volvo, and FedEx. What do they all have in common? Their typography is distinct in a way that draws your eyes to the center of the object that their brand appears on. There is a difference between being a brand and being an iconic brand. npn360 is a digital printing company with more than 30 years experience. We frequently assist small businesses with professional printing services.

Be simple.

Less is definitely more when it comes to creating a logo and brand identity that will be associated with your company forever. Of course, you want to set yourself apart from your competition. However, you do not want to overdo it with a gaudy design and reckless branding. A simple design for your custom product packaging will be more effective than a complicated design that makes it difficult for the consumer to figure out what your product does.

Stand out.

There is more to making your brand stand out than just slapping a logo on your custom product packaging. Making your brand stand out requires considering the design and positioning of your logo, selecting the right color palate for your company’s brand and designing custom retail packaging.

Pass the five-year-old test.

Your packaging is your company’s brand ambassador. It tells your product’s elevator pitch. Think about what type of story you want your product packaging to tell. Your brand’s story should be interesting, yet simple enough to explain to a 5-year old. Preece says, “you could tell a five-year-old, to get the salt pack with the girl in a yellow coat with an umbrella on it; she will come back with Morton Salt.”

Whether your company is looking to design custom retail packaging or are looking for custom printing services that include offering flexible packaging services, npn360 has a knowledgeable team who understands the importance of brand marketing. Don’t discount the impact custom printed packaging can have on your business. If you are unsure of where to begin, our team’s custom packaging services will help you elevate your business’ brand to the next level and beyond.